At ONCOtherapeutics, we are committed to fostering a workplace environment that values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce enhances creativity, innovation, and overall organizational success. Our commitment to DEI is embedded in our values and integral to our mission of advancing clinical research in oncology.

1. Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ONCOtherapeutics is dedicated to creating and maintaining a workplace where all employees, regardless of their background, feel valued, respected, and included. We recognize and embrace the unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions of every individual.

2. Equal Employment Opportunity

ONCOtherapeutics is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any kind. We provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, or veteran status.

3. Inclusive Leadership and Management

We are committed to cultivating a leadership and management team that reflects the diversity of our workforce. We actively seek to provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement for employees from underrepresented groups. Our leaders are accountable for creating an inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, open communication, and mutual respect.

4. Recruitment and Hiring Practices

ONCOtherapeutics strives to attract and retain a diverse talent pool. We implement fair and unbiased recruitment and hiring practices to ensure that all qualified candidates have an equal opportunity to join our organization. We actively seek to eliminate biases in job descriptions, interview processes, and candidate evaluations.

5. Employee Training and Development

We invest in ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion training for all employees. These initiatives aim to raise awareness, enhance cultural competence, and promote respectful communication. We encourage employees to participate in continuous learning opportunities that broaden their understanding of diverse perspectives.

6. Affinity Groups and Support Networks

ONCOtherapeutics supports the formation of affinity groups and support networks that provide a platform for employees with common backgrounds or interests. These groups are essential for fostering a sense of community, promoting networking opportunities, and creating an inclusive workplace culture.

7. Reporting and Accountability

We encourage employees to report any instances of discrimination, harassment, or bias. We have established confidential reporting mechanisms to ensure that concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately. ONCOtherapeutics is committed to holding individuals accountable for behaviors inconsistent with our DEI values.

8. Continuous Improvement

We are dedicated to regularly assessing and enhancing our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. We seek feedback from employees, monitor progress, and adapt our policies and practices to reflect the evolving needs of our workforce.

By upholding this Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy, ONCOtherapeutics aims to create an environment where every employee can thrive, contribute their best work, and collectively advance our mission in the field of clinical research in oncology.