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Susanna Kim

Medical & Scientific Writer

Susanna Kim is a talented medical and scientific writer who plays a vital role at ONCOtherapeutics. With her expertise in medical research, she focuses on crafting and editing clinical and basic research articles that highlight the groundbreaking work conducted at our organization, particularly in the realm of myeloma and bone cancer. Susanna has a proven track record of successfully publishing manuscripts from inception to completion, creating abstracts for conferences, and developing protocols for clinical trials.

Although Susanna initially pursued interests in clinical pharmacy, she has discovered a newfound passion for clinical research. Leveraging her background as a pharmacist, she brings a meticulous, detail-oriented approach to her work, ensuring accuracy and precision in all her endeavors. Her innate drive and goal-oriented mindset allow her to consistently deliver high-quality results, making her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Susanna completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she gained a solid foundation in the field. She further honed her skills and knowledge by earning a Doctorate of Pharmacy from West Coast University School of Pharmacy in 2020, equipping her with comprehensive expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care.
With her bright, professional demeanor, strong work ethic, and commitment to excellence, Susanna continues to make significant contributions to ONCOtherapeutics. Her passion for advancing medical research and dedication to promoting optimal patient care exemplify her value as an integral member of our team.