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Stephanie Rice

Senior Project Manager

Stephanie Rice joined ONCOtherapeutics in 2023. She is a highly skilled and motivated clinical researcher that made significant contributions to USC’s Department of Infection and Immunity as a research specialist and department manager. Her research focuses on exploring the intricate relationship between microbial infection and neurodegeneration, innate immunity, and tumorigenesis, as well as the metabolic pathways utilized by SARS-CoV-2.

With her extensive managerial expertise, she excels in project design, coordination, and execution, ensuring the smooth progress and operations of research initiatives. Her deep understanding of translational research, encompassing both in vivo and in vitro applications, allows her to effectively bridge the gap between laboratory discoveries and their potential clinical applications.

Her technical proficiency spans a wide range of molecular applications, including cell culture, cloning, immunoprecipitation, as well as the design and conduct of in vivo research. This comprehensive skill set enables her to make valuable insights that contribute to advancements in the field.

What truly drives her is the ability to motivate and lead a team towards a common goal. Through her exceptional leadership qualities, she fosters a collaborative and cohesive work environment, setting an example for others to follow. Her emphasis on communication, problem-solving, and transparency creates an atmosphere of unified understanding and direction.

Her unwavering commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and improving patient outcomes is evident in her accomplishments, ethical practice, and her ability to create reliable and trusting relationships with primary investigators and their research staff.