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Tahmineh Safai

Clinical Data Coordinator

Tahmineh Safaie is a dedicated professional who joined ONCOtherapeutics in 2021, bringing with her a strong background in immune-oncology research and extensive experience in the biotechnology industry. Leveraging her expertise and passion for oncology, Tahmineh currently serves as a Clinical Data Coordinator, applying her knowledge in research and oncology to the dynamic field of clinical research.

In her role, Tahmineh plays a crucial part in supporting the project management team by coordinating the activities of investigative sites and ensuring the integrity and compliance of data with study protocol requirements. With meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of clinical research processes, she contributes to the smooth and efficient execution of clinical trials.

Tahmineh’s experience in immune-oncology research provides her with valuable insights into the intricacies of the field, allowing her to contribute effectively to the advancement of oncology treatments and patient care. Her background in the biotechnology industry has equipped her with a solid understanding of the complexities of research and the importance of adhering to strict regulatory standards.

Tahmineh’s dedication, knowledge, and ability to work collaboratively make her an asset to the ONCOtherapeutics team. Her commitment to excellence and her contributions in the clinical research field further strengthen the organization’s mission to improve patient outcomes in oncology.