Cerecor is a small public biotech company with two locations: outside of Philadelphia and in Rockville, Maryland.  Our therapeutic focus is immunology, immuno-oncology and rare orphan diseases.  With a robust pipeline, we have always looked for ways to optimize our clinical programs both strategically and financially.  Our relationship with ONCOtherapeutics has allowed us to do both.

One of our key programs is a monoclonal antibody that we are studying in patients with relapsed refractory multiple myeloma.  Our first trial is a dose escalation and expansion as a single agent in patients with resistant disease.  Dr. Berenson was one of investigators who took interest in the program and discussed the potential of the target in combination.  Our team was immediately helped by his support and his expertise.  From there, we were introduced to key members of ONCOtherapeutics that could further our understanding of the compound in animal experiments and in clinical trials.

The most important part of the interactions is the experience and expertise of the teams and their sincere interest in our program.  Our experience with Tanya and Armando is that they are true collaborators with us.  There is a genuine care about our goals of our program and in helping achieve them.  There has been excellent communication and the costs for a clinical trial are much less than a standard CRO.  Importantly, there is also a consistent care for the patients that we are treating – the collaboration is always an effort to get new therapies to patients.

The interaction between our company and the ONCOtherapeutic team has been outstanding and we continually feel the support and hard work toward making the partnership excel.

Jeffrey Wilkins, MD
Chief Medical Officer